Social Insurance

Inserting new employees, preparing their forms 1, their employment documents and registering them for the social insurance.

Take out the resigned employees, prepare their forms 6, their resignation forms and terminate them from the Social Insurance Authority.

Solve any problems that may exist with documents and insurance files for new employees that prevent them from being registered for Social Insurance Authority under the company’s account.

Handling all matters and problems related to requests for pensions for employees over the age of 60 years.

Preparing, submitting and approving the annual form 2 for counting the actual number of employees for Client Employees or Outsourcing Employees and ensuring that it contains only the actual and real numbers that exist.

Preparing, submitting and approving sick leaves for the company’s employees and temporarily removing them from the insurance, according to the case and the satisfactory situation.

Preparing, submitting and adopting return decisions for the employees returning from their sick leave.

Preparing, submitting and Stamping national ID cards for Client employees and our Client Outsourcing Employees from Social Insurance Authority.

Submission and approval of forms for changing the job title of employees of the company.

Preparing, submitting and adopting the company’s health insurance exemption decision at the General Authority for Health Insurance.

Bring the monthly statement of debt, the link for social insurance and the number of workers registered.

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